Level 1 Geography

This is a space for people to share their resources, lesson plans or ideas with the other members of WellGeog. Geography is a Social Science which requires many perceptions to be taken into account in order to be taught to the highest possible level. To that end, sharing our own resources, ideas and perceptions can only benefit the students in our class.

Please feel free to download and use any resources stored here. It would be greatly appreciated for you to share your resources as well. To have your resources uploaded to the page please send all the files to wellgeog@gmail.com where one of the Administrators will be able to upload them to the appropriate place.
Note: It would be of great help for you to clearly indicate which Unit/Achievement Standard the resource is intended for in the file name of the resources.

We at WellGeog hope that you find this service a useful one and that by sharing resources and ideas we will be able to improve the teaching Geography throughout Wellington.